Alaskan husky dog

Alaskan husky dog training

The Alaskan husky dog training needs to be done in accordance with the temperament of this type of dog. This kind of husky is larger than the Siberian husky with brown eyes. This husky is more like a category or a type of dog, rather than a breed. They come from Alaska and are made perfectly for pulling the sledge and for different dog competition races, so they are used as working dogs. Any Alaskan husky dog training has to follow the same steps as any other breed or type of dog, these steps are supposed to be given by a specialist in training dogs.

The dressage lessons can be done by either the trainer or the owner, but only under the trainer’s guidelines. Training an Alaskan husky dog is also important for the reason of socializing the dog, as he gets in touch with a lot of people and it is important to avoid the aggressive environment where the dog might grow.

How to train an Alaskan husky dog

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It is very important how we train an Alaskan husky dog because they have to be very obedient when the owner gives them a command, especially for the fact that these dogs are used for different competitions and also for transporting different utilities on the sledge. They are hooked up in harnesses, like horses, and ran by an individual. Alaskan husky dog training lessons have to consider the fact that these dogs are made for being resistant, fast, abided, they are put to work, and that is why these dogs have to be trained to have a self will to work no matter what. The Alaskan husky dog trainingneeds to be done in the most proper way, mostly due to these dogs’ wolf ancestors, which were very known to be as a stubborn breed. Training such stubborn dogs may be a really blight for the trainer or for the owner, this type of dog must be treated very gently and cautiously.

Basic Alaskan husky dog training commands

The Alaskan husky dog training basic commands are consisted of four orders, such as: sit, stay, lie down and stand. The first order, when the Alaskan husky dog is trained to sit, uses the dog collar and the dog leash in order for the dog to get in the right position. While the trainer makes the dog stay in the sitting position, he has to swank the dog, so the dog understands what the trainer wants from him. If the dog won’t obey, then it is needed to use the leash in order to force the dog stay in the requested position.

The second command is the one when the dog is taught to stay. Now, the trainer/owner might use the dog leash, as well, to make the dog get the right position. This command will be taught only after the dog learned the first command and executes it on his own.

The next step is to ask the dog to sit, and then to stay. In this case, the trainer needs to hold up the leash so that the dog can’t comfortably sit whilst he asks verbally the dog to stay. After a while, the dog will be able to associate the word stay with the position he was forced to take.

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Lie down is the third order, which is done almost the same as the previous ones. Training Alaskan huskies to lie down will need the trainer’s involve in such a way that he will push down the dog from its shoulders in such a day that he will lie down, asking him verbally to lie down. After a while, the trainer might use the dog leash and pull it diagonally while asks the dog to lie down. Finally, the dog will get used to the command and will respond positively when he is asked to take that position.

Stand is the final basic command and consists of the same rules as the other three orders that were presented above. This command will use the dog leash, as well, by pulling it forward so that the dog is made to stand. Alaskan husky dog training will be a lot less difficult if the dog recognizes you as the Alpha leader.