Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?

CBD is a chemical substance extracted from the hemp plant. It is one of the 100 distinct chemicals found in Cannabis Sativa. CBD has gotten much attention recently due to its known benefits and no apparent adverse effects. It is being used by humans as well as given to dogs, as there is much anecdotal evidence regarding its effectiveness. 

For dogs, there is no reliable scientific research to support this fact, but dog owners have shown great satisfaction with this drug. It lowers stress levels, creates an appetite, and reliefs pain in dogs. CBD oil is among the major products that are being used by dog owners to treat their dogs, and if you are looking for hi-grade CBD oil or treats, make sure you check InTune CBD, they have everything you need. 
In this article, we will observe how veterinarians are responding to CBD oil for dogs. Do they recommend it or not?

The response of the vets:

“Does it lower their pain or just make them numb to it? We do not know, but it seemingly makes them less reactive to pain stimuli that are low level, i.e. arthritis and other such things, upon taking the product,” explained by Mark Verdino, MD at NALA (North Shore Animal League America). “And certain anxieties, they seem less reactive to certain things.”

CBD has exactly similar medical benefits to THC without having the pet dogs “stoned,” which is a very upsetting state for dogs. CBD counteracts the adverse effects of THC and other medications that act up against the dog’s body.

“CBD oil does not have the psychotic ingredient that gets humans and other mammals high, and they are not completely sure how CBD is managing to do all those things it is claimed to be able to do,” Verdino told HuffPost. “We have no sure knowledge but it does seem to make dogs less reactive when it comes to low-level pains upon consuming it. Moreover, problems like anxieties also seem to be taken care of, as it makes them least reactive to such things.”

He went on discussing his own experience with the TBD revealing that he used TBD on his pet dog. It was an old dog, and it used to get anxious during the evenings, the medication seemed to eliminate his anxiety and made him calm.

“At night time when the lights are dimmed down, it is dark out, they do not see it well in the dark, and he gets a little spooked. Moreover, when I give him the CBD, he seems to just go to sleep.” He did not understand how it was working, but it was evident that it resolved the problem.

Another doctor, Dr. Gary Richter, a veterinarian from Oakland, California, found TBD to be highly effective on his pet dog in controlling its seizures. “As long as the product is of high quality, the worst side effect is likely to be a little drowsiness if the dosing is too high,” said Dr. Richter.


CBD oil has anecdotally proven to be useful not only by dog owners but through the experiences of veterinarians alike.