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Here Is The Perfect Way Of Potty Training Your Puppy: A Puppy Apartment

A puppy apartment is a potty training crate that has received a lot of reviews recently. We all know that many puppies are usually taken to shelters and made to sleep simply because people are too lazy to potty train their puppies. A puppy apartment is constructed in a way that it makes the potty training process a lot easier.

If you buy your puppy from a well known dog breeder, chances are that your puppy will have already began the potty training process and you will not have such a hard time when you get home. You will even be luckier if you get yourself some dog species that are easy to potty train. The breeder simply separates the whelping box into two different areas: one area will be for sleeping/eating/playing and the other area will be for soiling. The puppy will get used to the two different areas since they have an inclination not to soil their sleeping and resting area. This puppy apartment does not imply that dogs are den animals and even in the forest, the mother eats the puppy’s waste until there are grown enough to get out of the den to potty. This would deter predators from assaulting the puppies in their hideout because of the attraction of the poop smell.

The dog apartment is just like a one bedroom house and it is effective because it is where the dog breeder began training the puppy and there will be no change of potty training environment when the puppy gets a new owner.

Pros about the potty training puppy apartment

The best think about this puppy apartment is that the puppy is closed in it and it is quite easy for the puppy to maneuver its way around according to the way it is set up. The puppy apartment has many areas in which the puppy can get inside it. The puppy is definitely going to be quickly potty trained because it will have two choices: to either soil as far as possible from his bed or to soil his bed/feeding area. Many puppies will choose to soil away from their bed/sleeping area.

The potty training apartment also makes the process of potty training easy for the puppy owners. The puppy can get into training apartment while you are relaxing in the couch and enjoying various beer types as you watch it. A potty training apartment also saves you the hassles of having to stand every so often to take the puppy outside to poop. The potty training apartment is different from a snug crate where the puppy is usually forced to poop in the sleeping area or hold for minutes. It allows the puppy to soil without being made to sleep on waste.

You do not also have to limit water intake like some dog owners do during the night because of soiling. There will be also fewer episodes of puppies being scolded for soiling the crate during the night. It is surprising that there are so many people who get mad at puppies for not holding their bowels!