How to Choose the Right Drug Testing Method

When choosing a drug testing method, the main concern of people is whether they need the test. There are many reasons an individual would be required to have a drug test. For example, it may be to prove they are not drug abusers to their employers, that they are clean, and no further action needs to be taken.

There are various types of drug testing methods specifically designed to cater to the users’ requirements. Additionally, many testing kits are designed to identify a certain type of drug or administer a specific test. Go now to check out all the drug testing kits available on the market and get the one that is suitable for your requirements. This article will help you identify all the factors that you need to be aware of when choosing a drug testing method for your business or other reasons.

Standard blood tests

The most common drug testing method is a blood test which involves taking a blood sample from the person and testing them for several drugs. These samples will help to identify if the person is a regular recreational drug user or is involved in drug abuse. Some individuals may be required to take tests to find out if they were previously involved in illegal substances and even if they have used drugs in the past. This makes the blood testing method a very accurate and dependable technique for drug testingю

Urine test

There is little doubt that urine testing is also one of the most popular techniques of drug testing. Drug usage may be detected in under one to two days using the testing method.

Fluid test

Businesses often use this strategy as a top pick for evaluating new hires. Drug usage in the last few days may be detected using swab sampling of the mouth and saliva. It is possible to employ oral fluid screening for a wide range of purposes, but it is very effective for identifying recent drug usage.

Testing by hair samples

This approach is quite reliable and has a wide range of detection. The test may reveal a pattern of repeated usage for the past 3 months. However, it is always advised to have an additional blood sample test as well.

Time frame

A person should be aware that drug testing takes a long time in certain cases of the blood sampling method. Other methods like fluid testing may not take that much time. Additionally using the drug testing kits can shorten the period even further as they can provide a rapid test result. If you require the test results quickly, then it would be better to use the drug testing kits or the fluid-related tests. However, the results may not be as accurate as the ones from detailed lab examinations of a blood sample.

All these aspects need to be kept in mind when deciding on a drug testing method for your business or any other reason.