Is social media good or bad?

Today social media is one of the most widely used things people share between them and readily available for everyone to log on to. The fact that these social media platforms provide free services such as to connect with your loved ones, video or voice call them, sent them picture Et cetera. Apart from this, there are a lot more uses of social media. Businesses promote their products and services using Social Media, also they use applications such as SimpyGram to boost their Instagram followers and get more recognition.

There are a lot of news outlets that work at these digital platforms, in fact, a lot of the world’s leading journalists have shifted their model if not entirely, majorly to these digital outputs solely because there is no censorship and the journalists have a free hand in whatever they like to speak and discuss on. Hence, these insights from such intellectual people are also available online for virtually no cost at all. But while this seems all fun and games due to the complete liberty people enjoy on the internet, it is bound to have people who post content of sensitive nature such as content, which is blasphemous, can contain hate speech and may even drop down to the level of potential terrorizing nature.

For this, we must understand that the internet is not all bells and whistles, and people need to realize what content should be made for people to watch, and while the rest should be put to strict punishment and should be abolished for good. Some of the pros and cons of the internet are as follows:

Available 24/7

Since you can always find yourself wanting something and requiring some information regarding anything, the internet is the best solution. It is available all the time and has all the information you need. It also makes use of Artificial Intelligence to provide you location-based information so that the information provided to you is of value.

No physical attendance needed.

In today’s modern era, there is no need to make yourself present to any place since everything can be done over the internet. A prime example can be seen in how Unilever had their tests for their future leaders’ program. They gave access to applicants to send out their videos for respective questions so that they can judge you quickly.


Dopamine is a bodily chemical, made to make human feels motivated, sleepy, and encourages creativity. While these things sound good, this is the same chemical released in the brain when people take drugs, which causes addiction. According to multiple studies, it has been confirmed that by receiving a text message, your body makes the same chemical, which makes you feel the same sensation, hence causing addiction. 


This is another way to blackmail, defame, and ridicule someone’s self-respect over the internet. The primary recipients of cyberbullying are female and have to face a lot of disrespectful statements and actions that last an undying effect on the people who have suffered from such negative acts.

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