Proven steps to get your first 1000 followers

Instagram is ruling the whole social media industry for the past few years.  Even world superstars are known for their following on Instagram nowadays. Similarly, a layman is also using tips and tricks to improve his number of followers on Instagram. Statistics have shown that above 400 million users scroll through the application on a daily basis. This shows how convenient is this to promote any of your brands here. If you will have a good audience reaching your profile daily it will surely support your business in many ways. Here are some clever ways to increase your followers on Instagram.

Use the right filters and hashtags

Using the right filters and hashtags is the best way to get real followers on Instagram. Every Instagram user has a goal to get good engagement on his posts. Creating and posting good captivating content will entertain your followers but it will not bring a huge number of new followers to your profile. For this purpose, you will have to use filters and hashtags. This will make it easy for the audience to reach your profiles who are already interested in the content you are creating. If you will use trending hashtags in your posts and stories, then it will surely bring a good audience to your profile.

Post engaging content at the accurate time

Posting the content at the right time is very crucial. When it comes to fame and success business and brand owners think about how can Instagram act as a platform for augmentation? The answer to this question is very simple, posting the content at right time is very important, for example, if you are running a traveling agency working in Northern areas then you can attract more audience in winter so you should post your content in this season of the year. Engaging content means, if you are well aware of the interest of your target audience, then you will be able to create the content according to their interest. More target audiences will reach you, and you will get more followers.

Create sponsored posts

All the ways of getting Instagram followers that are mentioned above are free of cost. If you work on them in a good manner, then you can get a good number of followers. But all these processes are usually time taking. If you want a quick rise in your number of followers, then you can use some paying methods. Like, you can go for sponsored posts or product reviews. For example, if you are running a business of cosmetics, and you want more cosmetic buyers to reach your profile. Then you should ask a beauty blogger to do influencer marketing for you. That beauty blogger will promote your products by sharing its reviews with its followers. Then from those followers, people will reach your account, this will increase both your business and followers.


Giveaway is related to giving some gifts to some of your followers to increase the reach of your account. In this case, you can give away any kind of product. You can ask your followers to participate in it and for participation; you can set rules like asking your followers to tag their friends in the comments. Doing this will bring more people to your post, and if those people will find your posts interesting, then you can also gain more followers from them.