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Tips on how you can become a pet groomer

Many people aspire to join the field of dog grooming, but they are usually unsure of how to get started. Well, if you are like me, who love spending time with pets and you wish to join my career, this article will help you get some information on how you can become a dog groomer and get a chance to enjoy the fun that comes with it. Read on!

Love for the animals

Well, to begin with, you can’t think of being a pet groomer if you do not really like being around them. This is because grooming a dog cannot be compared to people grooming where you for example give them the best and modern men hairstyles in your barber shop or spa. This is different because dogs cannot be compared to human beings. To attend to them, it calls for a lot of patience and you should also have a good rapport with pets. Just like you need to have an idea of the type of hair and the styles ideal for it, like haircuts for black men, you also need to have some techniques when it comes to pet grooming.


Does your pet grooming site have the right amount of space to accommodate all the pet grooming services? Well, it is good to understand that you need to have the right space, preferably tiles or other water resistant floorings. Also, you need to have proper plumbing, convenient access to bathing facilities, safe electrical outlets, amongst other features that makes up an ideal space. This is because cleanliness and safety are of utmost importance.


After realizing that you have the passion for dogs, the next step is acquiring the right skills for this activities. To become a pet groomer, you must not have undergone formal schooling. In fact, majority of pet groomers underwent on-the-job training or apprenticeships to acquire their skills. However, it is good to seek professional schooling so that you can get certification for greater knowledge as well as confidence to safely attend to your four-legged friends.

Have the right skills

After undergoing training, you will acquire skills and knowledge on:

  • animal behavior and control
  • characteristics of different dog breeds
  • safest practices for you and the dog
  • detect dog’s health issues that a pet needs to be notified on
  • bathing procedures
  • brushing
  • combing
  • hair cutting
  • drying
  • the right grooming products and any other thing related to pet grooming

Business Licensing and Permits

While vocational licensing is not required at this time, your city or municipality may demand that you acquire certain business licenses even though vocational licensing is not required, your city may demand that you get some business licenses as well as permits, even if you are doing this out of your home. What you need is to check with your city or municipality offices to learn what you will require.


This is something that you must have. Even the most competent and responsible pet groomer is not immune to accidental injuries on animals as a result of grooming mishaps, possible allergic reactions of pets to products, and other possible hazardous scenarios. General homeowners and business insurance policies do not cover this.

There you have it. If you love doing this, it is about time you take your dreams to the next level. Start up a dog grooming service center and see your dreams come true. All the best!