Wetterhoun dog training

Wetterhoun dog training

The Wetterhoun is a dog that originates in the Netherlands. Wetterhoun dog training will require special attention, and this breed is not recommended for inexperienced owners. This breed is calm, and belongs to the Gun Dog group. It is used as guard, but is also a very good swimmer.

The Wetterhoun will be a faithful pet, protecting you and your home no matter what it takes. It is available in black and white, brown and white. The majority of the dogs of this breed are two-colored. The Wetterhoun may cause trouble while he is being trained because of his independent nature. Wetterhoun training can go smoothly if the dog recognises the trainer as the Alpha leader.

How to Train a Wetterhoun

Wetterhoun puppy

Wetterhoun training tips and obedience commands: If you own a Wetterhoun and you want to start the training, keep in mind the following tips: The dog is highly intelligent; it will need varied games, in order not to get bored. It will need a spacious yard in order to get a good amount of exercise.

You also have to spend a lot of time with your pet. Otherwise they will be very aggressive and destructive.The Wetterhoun is stubborn, and will be trained only if they sense you are more powerful than they are. The Wetterhoun dog training will be easy, once you achieve a dominant position.

Wetterhoun dog in water

Crate training won’t be necessary, because this dog likes to live outdoors. The Wetterhoun won’t like the dog leash, being a very free-spirited dog. They are reserved towards strangers, and will possibly behave well with children, but only if trained properly. They are not suited for apartment life, so consider this before buying a Wetterhoun.