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What You Should Know About Pets and Divorce

During the divorce settlement, the courts decide which spouse intends to acquire the property. You may have already known, but did you also know that your family pets are only part of your possessions? No matter how many years you’ve spent a pet or how much you love it, the court considers it just another article to share between the couple. You may have heartbreak when you can lose your beloved pet with all the other things you’ll lose, and you might consider trying to save your marriage instead of leaving it. Still, there are some things you can do to get your pet in custody if you are even divorced.

Talk to Your Lawyer

Tell your family and divorce lawyer about your relationship with your pet. Tell the essential facts, that you had the animal before your marriage or that you were the first to take care of the pet. These things will make you more likely to get the property. When you tell your family and divorce attorney how much your pet means to you, he or she will no doubt consider it a priority as something to give. If a pet is a horse, dog, or cat accidentally, and you are winning, ask your lawyer to show the judge that it is a more valuable pet than usual.

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If You Have Many Pets, Distribute Them Accordingly.

Ideally, you and your ex-spouse will be able to resolve the pet settlement on their own without a divorce lawyer intervention. Instead of resenting each other, talk about the situation rationally. Does your pet belong to more than one of you? Do you have to agree to a schedule of your visits? Who will take care of any children in your relationship? It makes sense for a parent to pick up a pet as well. Also, if you have more than one pet, don’t think it’s helpful to share them.

Set Rules for Pets

When you divorce, there are decisions to make regarding the division of property and child custody. However, one topic can cause more controversy than can be imagined at first: pet care. It is well known that pet owners love their animals and treat them very much like children. Couples sharing a pet may need to make decisions about who a pet should live with if the other spouse receives visiting rights or the other spouse has to pay for the pet’s care. If you make a decision together, you should tell your family and divorce lawyer.

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Final Thought

Think of ways to show the court that you are the one who will be able to give your pet the best care. Describe to your divorce lawyer the arrangements you have made in your home, the time you spend with your pet, and the care you have provided. Your veterinarian can confirm the quality of care you have provided so far to the animal. Even if you can’t save your marriage, you may be able to save your pet’s friendship.