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How to teach a dog command Place, Bed or Crate

Place is one of the basic commands that need to teach a puppy or adult dog first. There are two different versions of the “place” command. In the first case, you force your dog to lie on his bedding or sunbed, in the second case, you show him your hand on the subject, give him the command Place, and he lies next to him. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this command.

The “Place”, “Bed” or “Crate” command for use at home

How can you teach your dog or puppy the Place command? It’s very simple – give your dog or puppy the Place command and lure him there with a treat. When your dog is on his bed, praise him and give him a piece. Gradually increase the time between your dog’s arrival and the encouragement, and then give him only occasional treats.

In everyday life, the Place command is usually used when your dog is behaving badly (e.g. by begging or jumping at guests). Basically, the Place command replaces the phrase “get out of here”. But “get out of here” is too abstract, and when you give the command Place, you’re telling your dog exactly where to go. As a rule, dogs quickly grasp the meaning of this command and offended go to the place.

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Before teaching your dog the Place command, make sure he knows the Down and the Come commands.
Step 1: Take the dog on a long leash and make him lie down.
Step 2: Place a big thing next to him, such as a backpack. Note that this should be your thing, which is familiar to the dog. Do not use other people’s things or your dog’s things (muzzle, toy or bowl).
Step 3: Repeat the “Down” command and step back 5 steps.
Step 4: Wait 3 seconds and then say “Come”. When the dog approaches you, praise him.
Step 5: Give the command “Place”, pointing your hand at the backpack. To help your dog, start moving towards the bag, but never pull the leash. While going, be happy to say, “Place, place, place”.
Step 6: Once in place, say command “Down” and give a treat.

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To teach your dog how to do Place well, repeat the exercise several times. Make sure your dog goes to the place without your help. Also gradually increase the distance and stop using the leash. Ideally, your dog should go to a distance of up to 15m, lie down there and wait (30 seconds) when you let him leave the position.

In addition, it is recommended that you teach your dog to stay in place over time, even when people or animals are around. Follow our advice to teach your dog to stay where he is.


If your dog falls off the ground without a command, be sure to bring him back, repeating himself: “Place, place. If your dog refuses to return without you, do the following: pick up the dog left behind, sit next to you and say “Wait”. Then show your dog a treat and go to the “place” alone. Put the treat on your backpack and go back to your dog. Command Place, and if your dog runs up and lies down, praise him and let him eat a piece.