Fox terrier dog

Fox Terrier training – crate training and commands

One of the most challenging Fox Terrier training issues is crate training. Here are some dog training tips that will help you and your terrier get along better. However, please try to start crate training your dog early, preferably as a puppy, as that approach to Fox Terrier training has more chances of success. Start crate training overnight – place the crate in your bedroom, in a location from where the dog can sense your presence. The whole idea behind this is that the crate is not some sort of prison and the dog is not being punished when placed inside it. Use a positive approach to this Fox Terrier training method and soon your puppy will start to get accustomed to the crate. Make it his or her own place – place all the favorite things that your dog likes inside the crate. This will get the puppy to become attached to the area and consider it his or her own special place, rather than an enclosed location meant for punishment .

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