Hokkaido dogs

Hokkaido dog training

This is not a very popular breed in the United States and the UK, but it is quite common in Japan. Hokkaido dog training is quite similar to the programs used in training related dogs. The dog bears different names, such as Hokkaido Dog Ainu Dog, Ainu-Ken, Ainu Inu, Hakkaidoken. Proper obedience training is necessary with these dogs, as they can become quite savage unless properly socialized. Try to get your dog out of the house and allow the puppy to come in contact with humans and other pets constantly. Hokkaido dogs are quite independent and, as with all work dogs, tend to dominate those around them. Hokkaido dog training should never loose focus of this aspect, otherwise the dog will be a terrible pet. Of course, a strong bond between dog and owner is also necessary if you are going to use the Hokkaido as a working dog.

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Alaskan malamute

Alaskan malamute dog training

The Alaskan malamute dog training program needs to be performed firmly and while the dog is a puppy. This dog is a very rigorous one, calm, well balanced, loving, resistant and very independent. The Alaskan malamute dog is the biggest and the heaviest sledge dog. They look very nice, with a proud expression, big head, and small brown eyes. Its body is well built up and powerful, covered with an abundant fur, which protects the animal against frost and bad weather.

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Danish Pointer dog

Old Danish Pointer dog training

The Old Danish Pointer is a dog of Danish tradition and has the special skills of a hunting dog including excellent scent and great energy and obedience to their owner while hunting. The Old Danish Pointer dog training is not a difficult task due to the friendly and quiet nature of this dog breed. The Old Danish Pointer dog training does not include special requirements, this breed -also called Old Danish Bird Dog or the Gamle Dansk Honsehund, being a lovely family dog and affectionate companion. The Old Danish Pointer is a clever dog having a rectangular massive shape. The colours of this Danish breed are variations of white with brown spots of different sizes.

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Rescue dog

Rescue dog training

The most important aspect of search and rescue dog training is the ability of the dog to respond to commands promptly and without any second of hesitation. Together with police dogs, rescue dogs are among the best-trained canines. They are more than pets or fun companions – they can actually save lives, human lives. Rescue dogs are trained to perfection, since the impact of an unsuccessful rescue dog training method could prove to be disastrous, both for the dog and for those he is trying to save. Special dog training units that pick and help train rescue dogs have strict rules concerning the dog’s training – here is the program the dog and handler must complete, both alone and when joined by other teams:

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training dog

Successful dog training

Many people have difficulty comprehending the real purpose of dog training – it doesn’t come down to turning your pet into a robot, that accurately responds to your every command. Instead, dog training is meant to facilitate the bond between owner and pet, to help the dog become a better, safer, and more pleasant companion for his or her master. Dog training is not about power – it is about communication.

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