Best Throw Blanket Decorating Ideas for Stonewashed Linen Bedding.

There are a lot of blankets or quilts in existence, but the most interesting of them all is the throw blanket. A throw blanket, you see, is a blanket that is not like the regular blanket. A quilt is a woven material that is used to keep one warm while sleeping. A throw blanket is smaller than the common type of quilt.

A throw blanket is used to keep the body warm but is also used for decoration. It is too small and cannot be used to cover a whole bed. As a decorating tool, you can use a throw blanket in the living room, in the lounge, or even as a drape. The best types of throw blankets are the ones that are stonewashed, and some of the best are Or & Zon throw blankets.

Before you get confused, stonewashed bedding linen are those bed materials that were washed after production, before they are first sold. One would ask why bed linens should be cleaned before they are sold; here is why. Bed linens are stone washed before sale to loosen their weave and make them look welcoming and comfortable.

You know how beautiful but lifeless a new bed linen looks? Have you noticed that as time goes on, and as you start using and washing those bed linen, they stop feeling coarse? They start feeling comfortable and softer; they also start looking like they’ve been slept in. This is what stonewashed throw blankets feel and look like. After these blankets are made, they are put in a big washing machine that is filled with stones. These stones will then pound these bedding linens while loosening their weave and making them look softer.  Some of the stones used during stone washing include pumice stone, volcanic stone, etc.

There is usually an indescribable feeling that comes with using a stonewashed throw blanket. You should check out Or & Zon throw blanket for the best throw blankets. Now that I have explained what a stonewashed throw blanket is, I will now tell you all the decorating styles you can employ to make maximum use of your throw blankets.

Best stonewashed throw blanket decorating ideas.

  • As cushion protection: if you have pets that take pleasure in lounging on your chairs and sometimes decorating it with their excreta, then you need a throw blanket to protect your precious chairs. You will agree with me that a throw blanket is more washable and perhaps more expendable than a cushion. Drape your throw blanket over your seat, make sure to cover up the backrest and the chair’s sitting area very well. You could also cover the armrest since we are all out about protecting our cushion.


  • Waiter style: this style imitates how waiters carry napkins. You can design your chair by draping a throw blanket over the arm of your chair.


  • Bed warmth: a throw blanket cannot cover a whole bed, but it can be stylishly placed on a bed as a form of decoration. To do this, you should fold your throw blanket, lengthwise, and then put it at the end of your bed.
  • On a footrest: you can also make effective use of your throw blanket by placing it on your footrest. It will serve as warmth for your cold feet while you are taking a nap or reading a book.

Throw blanket is a dual functional blanket because it can be used for warmth and decoration.