Black Lives Matter – a Way of Donating to the Movement

Black Lives Matter has become one of the most important, popular, and trending movements of recent times. Without a doubt, the movement is one of the first movements in recent times that has sparked such a huge interest and has gained such a massive following from all over the world. With the main aim of eradicating racism and promoting equality and justice, especially for the black community members, the Black Lives Matter has become a symbol for anti-racism, hope, and justice. The history of the BLM movement is vast and exciting. For more on its history, navigate here.

What is BLM?

The BLM or the Black Lives Matter movement is an anti-racist, social movement that came into being back in 2013. However, it did not receive such a huge following back then. Following the unfortunate killing of George Floyd, a member of the black community strangled to death by the police, the movement gathered momentum and sparked interest on a massive level. Initially, protests were recorded locally, and soon enough, the movement spread to all corners of America. The movement became so popular that it made its way on to the international mainstream and social media. Owing to its significant following on social media and its popularity amongst the masses, Black Lives Matter became a global phenomenon within days. Before we knew it, the BLM movement spread to all corners of the world, and people from all walks of life were recording their protests against white supremacy and in favor of the outcry regarding the injustice being faced by members of the neglected communities on a day to day basis. The BLM movement became so popular in 2020 that it became the trending topic for more than a month, which is very unusual today.

How to Donate to the Movement?

Since the movement is a social movement and focuses on the betterment of society to promote equality and justice, the movement cannot be possible without the help of its people. For this purpose, thousands of people donate in the noble cause of spreading awareness against racism via the Black Lives Matter social campaign. To donate to the movement, one can use many different channels since the movement is not restricted to one group. A series of “victim funds” have been set up on These funds usually focus on helping out the family members of the black people who have been killed due to racist abuse in recent times. More than 150 different victim funds available on the internet today directly help the victims and their families. Other than this, the Black Lives Matter movement leaders collect a lot of funds and donations. They have already dedicated a particular account to the movement and have shared the bank details on public platforms so that everyone can help donate for the noble cause.