Why Engagement is More Important than Followers?

Many people on social media are obsessed with their followers’ count and believe them to be the essential aspect when looking at their account performance. However, it is much more important to look at your engagement as followers on their own don’t add value to your online presence. People following you regularly must communicate and engage with your posts.

Many people on Instagram are actively looking at ways to gain Instagram followers, not considering if they will interact with your activities afterward. It is better to get the most organic followers possible. The articles will explain why it is more important to look at your engagements rather than the following on social media.

Credibility and Reputation

Engaging with others on social media is essential to gaining credibility. Keeping your reputation in mind and giving you good feedback is vital. If nobody is inquiring about your content or engaging in the comments, you must start communicating with them to involve them more in your content. It may seem an unnecessary activity, and many may not understand the purpose. But engaging with the audience and finding out that someone else shares their thoughts regarding your content will help you figure out your direction in the market and how to cater to the audience’s demands. Moreover, engaging with a particular person gives you a sense of belonging, making people want to connect with them. It will increase active Instagram followers to your account.

Usefulness of Information

Engagement is more important than followers, as it gives you something beneficial to pass on to others when they join your account. As your content ensures something valuable is shared, you will quickly make a name in the market, with people appreciating your activities and sharing your content with more like-minded people. It might also help you reach a wider audience. Keeping your identity intact, never losing track of who you are as a content creator, and sharing the valuable information you bring to the world is extremely rewarding.

Promotion of Activities

Followers on their own will not add value to your account. If you are an influencer or trying to promote your business, having a large following will not function as you cannot start any sales or promotion of activities. Brands will not opt to use your services to sponsor their products or services in the market, as you will get them no new engagements. Your followers must be appropriately associated with your account and what you post to experience more benefits for your business on social media.


To conclude, your principal aim should always be to get engagements to your account. Buying followers will not be a suitable solution as there is a big chance that you will eventually lose your followers as they will find it difficult to relate to your activities and be motivated to follow you. Making content that is appreciated and value-adding to the community will constantly improve your growth prospects and allow you to work with brands as an influencer or conduct your business more effectively.